The Major Stakeholders in Public Education Have Joined Forces

Louisiana Association of Educators (LAE) ● Louisiana Federation of Teachers (LFT) ● Louisiana Association of Principals (LAP) ● Louisiana Association of School Superintendents (LASS) ●  Louisiana School Boards Association (LSBA) ● Louisiana Retired Teachers Association (LRTA)

This coalition collectively represents the interests of tens of thousands of education professionals, paraprofessionals, employees, lawmakers and retirees. Louisiana is plagued with a myriad of challenges surrounding public school systems from lack of funding for capital improvements to facilities to the loss of a third of certified teachers over the past seven years. These organizations have joined forces to host a series of town hall meetings across the state which will spur solutions-oriented discussions with legislators and members of the public around funding, teacher/employee pay raises, and recruitment and retention of teachers.  They plan to walk away from the meetings with a set of policies and recommendations that they can rally behind and push to become laws this session.

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